As a native of San Diego, I fell in love with doing charitable work for children through various commitments with different organizations. I believe that reading transforms a child’s world. Also, I believe that reading for children is a critical step in how children can comprehend their world. I have a deep appreciation for how non-profits can improve the quality of education for children and I continued with my passion for charitable work to make a difference in a child’s educational career. My passion was deeply developed when my son was diagnosed with Dyslexia and other Learning Challenges.

My career as a paralegal spans 40 years working continuously in the legal field. I began educating myself to advocate for my son when faced with insurmountable obstacles in the educational system. My focus became Special Education Law to become an advocate working with parents and their children for 15 years assisting parents to be able to find their voice and have a seat at IEP Meetings. I continue to empower parents with knowledge and understanding in their child’s educational journey through the IEP Process.

My education includes graduating with a Certificate from the William & Mary Law School Advocacy Program and remain a lifetime Member of ISEA Alumni Group. I continued my education and graduated with a Certificate from University of San Diego Law School Special Education Advocacy Program and remain a lifetime Member of the Alumni Group. I am a member and have taken courses through Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training Programs and I am currently earning a Certificate in the program at Wrightslaw– Understanding the Bell Curve — Tests and Assessments. Currently, I am a member of Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPPA), Inc.

My favorite pastimes are: photography, dancing and lip-syncing with my grand-daughter.

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