Welcome to Parents of Students in Special Education, also known as P.O.S.S.E. We are here to assist you with your son or daughter’s educational needs and to empower you with the knowledge of how the educational maze is structured to ensure your child has a successful educational career.

Our vision is to reduce the drop out rate for children with learning challenges that attend our public schools. P.O.S.S.E. is focused on progressively moving the child forward consistent with their educational grade level. The Mission of P.O.S.S.E. is to prevent the retention rate that creates a negative experience for a child that can impact them for a lifetime. [U.S.Department of Education Statistical Report].

P.O.S.S.E.’s Mission is to create educational opportunities for children grades 1-12 with learning challenges by advocating for effective research-based learning programs that will promote the success and dignity of our children. When children with learning challenges can realize their right to education, this will have a lifelong and positive impact on their learning, achievement and employment opportunities.

P.O.S.S.E.’s hero is Helen Keller. She overcame the struggle of being deaf and blind by never giving up, dedicated her life to help others, and made changes in the world despite her disabilities…. Keller is the power of perseverance to overcome great obstacles. One of the Themes in her Book is The Power of the Right Kind of Education”.

P.O.S.S.E. is premised on the belief that the key to effective educational programs for children with learning challenges is collaboration – as – equals by parents and educators. We look forward to working with you.


Marlena Vaughn,
CEO/Executive Program Director

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